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New Ballast Design

Transtar have a long association with many of the major manufacturers within the lighting industry. As a result Transtar are able to offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service to OEM's throughout the lighting industry.

This service extends from the current range of products featured on this website to meet the needs of a diverse industry. Transtar are able to produce gear tray assemblies to meet the demands of volume and diversity.

This design experience includes: 35W & 55W SOX Ballast

  • Compact & Slim Ballasts
  • SOX/SON Ballasts
  • MB/MBF Ballasts
  • HQI Ballasts
  • Starterless Ballasts
  • Thermally Protected Ballasts
  • T8 & T12 Fluorescent Ballasts
  • HID Ignitors
  • Impulse Ignitors
  • Step-up Auto Transformers
  • Ultra Low Loss Chokes

Our proven design experience ensures that new developments are designed to fulfill the stringent quality controls required to produce ATEX approved control gear for use with hazardous area luminaires.

To find out how Transtar an assist in developing your new OEM design, please contact us.

Non-Standard Ballasts

In addition to bespoke design, Transtar also have a wide range of ballasts for non-standard wattages and voltages. These can be purchased as low volume, one off orders allowing you to fulfill the requirements for a specific site installation.