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Parallel Compensation 600 Series


  • These capacitors have been designed for power factor correction of fluorescent and other discharge lamp light fittings.
  • The 600 series is suitable for applications in compensation circuits at supply voltages up to 250V a.c.
  • Included in this series is a range which complies with the requirements of harmonised CENELEC normes EN61048, as tested and approved by VDE, and EN61049.
  • Alternative sizes and values in the series have been granted both BS and Scandinavian approvals.


  • Metallised polypropylene film capacitors, with a totally dry construction which eliminates the risk of leakage normally associated with the liquid impregnated type.
  • The flame-retardant plastic case is available with either a plain base or with a mounting stud complete with nut and washer.
  • Alternatively, a 'blip-clip' snap-in type fixing can be provided, either as an integral part of the case or in the form of a separate ring clip.
  • The capacitor is provided with a 4-way wire grip connector complete with discharge resistor.


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